The platform for the next generation of boxers.

OTX (Overtime Boxing) is about that ACTION delivering future world champions a platform unlike any other available to them.

The OTX platform is rooted in a year-round content experience on social, shining a spotlight on everything from how boxers train to their lifestyles outside of the ring. No one is telling these stories for the next generation and no one is better suited to step into the ring to do so than Overtime.

We're introducing a new 154 lb (8)-fighter single-elimination OTX Tournament where eight fighters will compete. The final two fighters will compete for an OTX promotional contract and a World Title. In addition to purses, there will be a cash prize for the winner of the tournament.

Fighting Incentives

Overtime is maintaining the core elements of the sweet science while innovating on elements to promote transparency, fighter economic incentives, and fan-friendly fights. We think with the inclusion of a few rule changes, these are the types of fights we want associated with OTX, high-action, exciting, and entertaining!

The World Boxing Council (WBC), the most innovative sanctioning body, is partnering with Overtime and endorses the rule set. The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports (ABC), the national governing body also supports the rule set.

Smaller Ring

The 18ft x 18ft Ring is smaller than a typical major fight. This smaller ring will provide closer proximity of fighters and allow for more action during the fight.

KO Bonuses

If a fighter gets a KO at any point in the fight, they are entitled to a bonus.

Money Round

First and last rounds serve as the “Money Round” where fighters will receive a more lucrative bonus compared to a general KO. We will incentivize fast starts to fights and exciting endings.

Overtime® Round

If there is a draw on the judges’ scorecards after the regularly scheduled rounds, there will be an additional winner takes all round. This allows the fighter to take their fate into their own hands and go for the victory.